Innovation through Physics and Engineering


EIPHI is the only french graduate school which offers a large wide of multidisciplinary in the field of Physical sciences and has a number of benefits that will help any individual succeed in preparing advanced Careers as a R&D manager of industry in many sectors :


Physics, Mathematics and Applications

Photonics, nanotechnology, Time&Frequency Metrology, aeronautics, space industry in industrial consulting, numerical analysis for industrial applications, big data analysis.

Smart Systems & Structures

Academic or industrial R&D careers in aeronautics and space industry, ground tranportations, energy, luxury watches, microtechnology, Time&Frequency instrumentation, Robotics, control, classical manufactering, R&D in automotive, large machines design & development.


Energy, Renewable Energies, Hydrogen Energy, Electrical Vehicles, Econeighborood

Material Science

in all fields involving materials: transportation (automotive, aeronautics), energy (production, transportation), glass industry, cement & concrete, galenic.

Computer Science

Software development, web, network, embedded software in mecatronic system, Assurance quality, Test.