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EIPHI Open Badges

The Graduate school EIPHI has set for itself goals to achieve. Among them, we want to offer each student opportunities to develop their skills and networks.
Led by their Mentor, we will help students to build their course with us by providing them the opportunities to acquire those skills through different activities and to strengthen their network by organizing events and supporting mobility for research activities.
For that a system of open badge (learn more about Open Badges and the Open Factory), presented below, will be tested to help EIPHI operational teams in guiding students and allowing them to promote their actions for the benefit of the graduate school.
For each open badge, a number of points is assigned. At the end of their training with us, the total number of points acquired will define the final course badge (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

The activities proposed to the students are organized around 4 skills :

  • Networking (Career events, Alumni association, student chapter etc)
  • Science Technology & Industrial Culture (hackathon, junior enterprise etc)
  • Tutor his Peer (student project mgt, internship tutoring etc)
  • Dissemination (internal seminar, conferences etc)

For each skills, there are 4 level of intervention :

I attend, I present, I organize, I lead.

For each activities and each level a certain number of points is assigned to the open badge.

Students can not obtained two open badges for the same skill at the same level.

Each domain has its own pictogram and reference colour :

Physics, Mathematics & Applications :
Masters : PPN, PICS,
Advanced Mathematics,
CompuPhys, Quanteem
Smart Systems & Structures :
Masters : Smart Mechanics,
SIS, GreeM, ViBot, MAIA
Computer Science :
Masters : IoT
Energy :
Masters : Thermal Energy,
Electrical Energy
Material Science :
Masters : CDM, T2MC

Below is an non exhaustive list of possible activities and their related awarded points.

If you have already done activities listed or similar to the ones above then create your Open Factory account ( and ask for an open badges by sending your request by email to

At the end of your training with us the number of badges and points obtained will enable you to be granted a bronze, silver, gold or platinum training badge. You can continue to fund your Open Badge account throughout your life by actively participating in our alumni network (