Innovation through Physics and Engineering

Physics, mathematics & applications

EIPHI program in Physics, Mathematics and Applications

The program aims to train students in fundamental, both theoretical and experimental, physics and in mathematics for physics providing knowledge and lab expertise in photonics, non-linear physics, time & frequency metrology, micro/nano- and quantum technologies, as well as to prepare students to apply fundamental science and engineering approaches to higher-level research and industrial tasks. The research activities are taking place in the following laboratories :


Key Information

Modes and duration
Full time: 2 years, 120 ECTS credits
Language of instructionEnglish
GrantsScholarships are awarded to high quality foreign student
Tuition fees 243 €. See application procedure
Student life contribution fees 92 €
Applications fees0 €

The educational program is structured into five programs oriented to fundamental physics, to applied physics or to mathematics for physics :

Physics, Photonics, and Nanotechnology (PPN)

The master program aims at training students in fundamental, both theoretical and experimental, physics with applications in photonics, nanotechnology, and quantum technologies. This combination, innovative at the level of a master program, is well aligned with priority investments in research at the European and international level, with thematic areas of growing demand for highly trained students, able to embark in a doctoral programme.

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Physics & Advanced Photonics Technologies (EPhoT)

The Master EPhoT program provides a comprehensive program of courses covering theoretical, experimental and engineering aspects of photonics, micro/nano technologies, machine learning, time-frequency metrology, information theory and complex systems. It is designed to cover a selection of topics at the interface of physics and engineering sciences, closely integrated with domains of research excellence developed in the Region of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (BFC).

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Physics & Computational Physics (CompuPhys)

The CompuPhys Master provides a comprehensive program in fundamental physics (quantum physics, light-matter interaction, condensed matter physics), in numerical simulation methods and in data sciences.

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Mathematics for Physics (Math4Phys)

The recent progress in several fields of theoretical physics (such as high energy physics, astrophysics, quantum, and nonlinear optics or condensed matter physics) required numerous very sophisticated mathematical tools. In these frontline research fields, it became clear that a new understanding of physical systems going from cold atom gases to black holes is impossible without a new insight into underlying mathematical structures. This kind of problems requires a new interdisciplinary approach and specialists with double competence: in Physics and in different fields of modern Mathematics.

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Advanced Mathematics

The objectives of the training are:

  • research in fundamental or applied mathematics;
  • teaching in Mathematics in higher, secondary, preparatory classes;
  • applications of Mathematics in business: design offices, banks, services;
  • preparation for the pursuit of doctoral studies in Mathematics.

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