Innovation through Physics and Engineering


Scientific excellence at EIPHI

Mainly powered by 3 renowned French research labs (FEMTO-ST, ICB and IMB) and their associated partners, EIPHI graduate school is willing to develop its excellence in research focused on the development of innovative Smart systems.


The EIPHI scientific project is resolutely based on a top-down systemic vision combining at best research, technology, industrial development and societal impact well identified at the European level: Efficiency, Safety and Security, Well-being and Information society.


It combines both the development of multidisciplinary demonstrators and high-risky challenges dealing with:


EIPHI research program is structured around 3 main topics:

(Self)-adaptive architectures

  • Active metacomposites & metamaterials
  • Active micro-nano-mechatronics
  • Programmable matter



Monitoring & Prediction of complex systems

  • Prognostic & Structural health monitoring/management
  • Multifunctional sensors & (wireless) networks
  • Photonic neuromorphic computing



Compact, active and agile information processing devices

  • Integrated micro-nanophotonic and phononic components
  • Smart nonlinear and quantum systems at micro-nano-scale
  • Ultrafast control
  • Time-frequency microdevices



The dynamic course of the project is largely sustained by chairs of excellence, worldwide academic and industrial partnerships, active training and valorization actions towards a wide range of markets: mobility aerospace, defence, health and food, environment, energy, smart factory, telecoms, information processing and internet of things.


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