Innovation through Physics and Engineering

Life at eiphi graduate school

Welcome to EIPHI, the first Graduate School at UBFC “University Bourgogne-Franche-Comté” in France.

Creating a worldclass technological environment in the very heart of Bourgogne Franche-Comté

EIPHI Graduate School stands for Engineering and Innovation through Physical Sciences, High-technologies, and cross-dIsciplinary research! An innovative and first-class teaching and research program which focuses on niche research areas!

Our worldwide recognized laboratories ICB, FEMTO, IMB, ICMUB, UTINAM, IMVIA and LMB decided to join and create a highly competitive and cutting edge technological environment for outstanding PhD and MSc students coming throughout the world.

EIPHI Graduate School offers very competitive and unparalleled courses in various STEM fields of studies:
– Physics, Mathematics &Applications
– Smart system’s and structures
– Energy
– Material Science
– Computer Science

EIPHI laboratories and faculties are spread over 4 locations in Bourgogne Franche Comté, the best opportunity ever to discover a whole region and culture!
Life at EIPHI….

EIPHI Graduate School lays down over 4 campuses


– DIJON : University of Bourgogne
– BESANCON : University of Franche Comté
– BELFORT : University of Franche Comté & University of Technology Belfort Montbéliard

– MONTBELIARD : University of Franche Comté & University of Technology Belfort Montbéliard

Whether you will be studying in Dijon, Besançon, Belfort or Montbéliard, you will be in the very heart of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, one of the greenest and peaceful place in France, where Wine and Gastronomy, Heritage, Landscape and Lifestyle will definitely make you live “à la française!”

Scholarships :

Merit Based Scholarship are granted every year for all the Master Degrre of the Graduate school EIPHI. Up to 8000€/year can be attributed for GPA above 3.2/4 and in regards of the ranking of your university.

Cost of living in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté:

Tuition fees €250
Single room accommodation at CROUS From €160 to €250/month
Student and Campus Life contribution fee (CVEC) €90
Offi excise stamp €60
Home Insurance+ Civil liability insurance Around €10/month
Mobile phone subscriptions €4,99 to €24,99 per month
Public transportation annual subscription Monthly travel pass €30 to €42, on way ride pass €1,5
Bank account costs From €1 to €10/month
Food on campus (CROUS restaurants) €3,25 for a meal
Sport facilities Free
Shopping costs €200 to €300 per month


Accommodation :

As a student-friendly, welcoming and safe collegiate university, UBFC is one of the most affordable place to study in France thanks to its lowest accommodation renting price!

CROUS residence Halls :

Other types of accomodation :

Dijon :

Besançon :

Transport :

In Dijon like in Besançon, you will enjoy a diversified public transport network (trains, tramways, buses and bikes), where campuses can easily be reached.

Dijon :

Besançon :

Health insurance and medical centers

Health insurance is part of the French social welfare system. Since 2018, it has become free for every international student. It enables you to benefit from a reimbursement of your medical expenses (about 60 to 70% of the total amount based on the social security basic rate).

In addition, you can take out a complementary health care cover, which enables you to get a refund on the additional part.

More information on :

A student health center offers free consultation is available on both campuses.

6a rue du Recteur Marcel Bouchard
21000 Dijon
Tél. 03 80 39 51 53

SUMPPS Besançon
45 C, avenue de l’Observatoire
BP 1535
25009 Besançon
Tél. 03 81 66 61 30

An emergency department is also available within the university hospitals :

CHU Dijon Bocage :

CHRU Besançon :

Bank account

Upon arrival in France, you should open a bank account. There are many bank agencies located right on campus. Make sure to provide your passport + photocopy+ a birth certificate translated in French if your city of birth is not specified on your passport, a proof of address and a letter of admission.

Food & Drink on campus

Whether in Dijon or in Besançon, you will enjoy a whole catering service offer, right on campus. Most of food places are operated by CROUS, the National Organisation, providing students halls of residence, universities restaurants and many other student life services.

Dijon :

Besançon :

To access any university restaurant or cafeteria, you will need your student PASS’UBFC, which can be recharged online through the following link

Students associations on campus :

UBFC is an excellent choice for your academic study. Our lively campuses with their dynamic students associations offer you a huge choice of activities to get involved in.

Whether you like dancing, playing theater, going in for sport or meeting new friends, check out the following Facebook pages and websites to find what you are looking for.

Dijon :

Besançon :

We look forward to welcoming at EIPHI 1st Graduate School and in the meantime, please visit the dedicated webpages below:
– University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté : The Federal University

– University of Bourgogne
University of Franche-Comté


If you want to enhance your french proficiency you can visit the following website :

Centre for Applied Linguistics