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Smart Systems & Structures

EIPHI program in Smart Systems and Structures

Smart Systems and Structures merges four domains of studies namely :



It is aimed to develop the smart systems and structures of the future and is structured around 5 Master Degrees, exploring the multiple facets of complex systems.


Key Information

Modes and duration
Full time: 2 years, 120 ECTS credits
Language of instructionEnglish
GrantsScholarships are awarded to high quality foreign student
Tuition fees243 €. See application procedure
Student life contribution fees92 €
Application fees0 €


Master on Control for Green Mechatronics (GREEM)

The program focuses on design and control of mechatronics and micro-mechatronics systems with a particular focus on two points: their functional performances and their energetic efficiency. Students are trained to master the area of green mechatronics to be able to design new or re-design existing mechatronic systems, to model and simulate them, to calculate controllers for their automation and their performances improvement, and to setup networks of mechatronic systems, all together with consideration of the energy efficiency. Exchanges with international universities (Canada, Mexico, Peru, Qatar…) are possible during the curriculum. Dual-degree of Master is possible with some of the partner universities. The master is supported by the internationally renowned research center FEMTO-ST (

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Master in Smart Mechanics

Smart Mechanics is an EIPHI graduate School Master focusing on Research & Innovation in the field of Materials, Structures, Vibrations and Acoustics.
Designed for R&D engineer positions in big international companies or smaller High-Tech industries, this degree can also be the springboard for a career as Researcher or Professor.
Smart Mechanics Master Students can pursue their studies with a Ph.D. in the Applied Mechanics Department of Femto-St Research Lab presented thereafter.

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Master in Electrical Engineering (ELISE)

The program aims at providing a mixed training in microtechnology, control and embedded electronics with direct applications in microsystems, instrumentation and robotics. The master is supported by three departments of the internationally renowned research center FEMTO-ST (

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Master in Computer Vision for Robotics (VIBOT) Fall 2021

The master course aims to provide qualifications for entry into the professions in the area of robotics, computer vision, image processing and medical imaging either in public laboratory or private research company.

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Master in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA) Fall 2021

Medical Image Analysis and Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems, in close development with novel imaging techniques, have revolutionised healthcare in recent years.

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