Innovation through Physics and Engineering


EIPHI is the only french graduate school which offers a large wide of multidisciplinary in the field of Physical sciences and has a number of benefits that will help any individual succeed in preparing advanced Careers as a R&D manager of industry in many sectors.


Thanks to the Integrated MSc and PhD 5-years curriculum, each student will experience an excellent learning platform with small class sizes (about 20), practitioner-based learning across a wide variety of specializations and soft skills (included entrepreneurship)


– Hone your professional skills and open your mind to other complemented disciplines
– Direct access to the PhD program for successful MSc students
– Fellowships for the top 1% bachelor degree students
– Inspiring international research environment and mobility opportunities due to the broad European and international networks of EIPHI (European projects, several ERC grants, …)
– Numerous activities such as mini-schools, conferences, technology and industry seminars
– Practical training with state of the art technological platforms and industrial partners
– An individual supervision all along the curriculum will be offered to EIPHI students, combining a personal project/thesis advisor and a mentor
Specific assistance to international students for housing, visa application, enrolment and Social Security


What’s a mentor ?

Each EIPHI graduate student will take advantage of being advised and personaly guided by a mentor throughout his/her professional training. Compared to an advisor, a mentor is responsible for developing a personal relationship with his student ensuring that he/she becomes sophisticated in a field of study, able to think critically, and aspires to create new knowledge. In addition, the mentor is responsible for assisting the student in developing the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the discipline. Mentoring gradually transforms the student into a colleague.