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UBFC Alumni network

UBFC Alumni, light on your career

The new UBFC Alumni network provides support and direct contact with its community of current and former students, as well as partners such as laboratories and recruiters.

The UBFC Alumni network offers access to an intergenerational, multidisciplinary, local and international platform intended for all students, current and former, from UBFC masters and doctorates, all fields combined, all over the world. Resulting from a milestone of the ISITE-BFC project, this platform provides its users with many tools allowing them to develop their network and find professional opportunities such as:

  • A directory of members and a private messaging system which makes it possible to find the student, graduate or recruiter sought and to exchange in complete security;
  • A profile sheet to highlight his career and his experiences with other members of the network and recruiters through a CV library;
  • A sponsorship system between members of the community, to support and benefit from their experiences and advice;
  • The possibility of submitting, applying for or consulting job or internship offers and setting up email alerts;
  • Events organized by the Alumni network (workshops, meetings, afterworks, career events …);
  • The possibility of integrating or creating communities in the form of thematic groups in order to encourage exchanges and sharing of information;
  • Articles, advice, news from the network.

Companies, recruiters, research units, partners joining the network benefit from access to the CV library to prospect new talents within the UBFC Alumni network. These profiles can, by connecting to the platform, submit internship and job offers but also gain visibility and enhance their structure with students and graduates. The “Friend of the Network” profile has been created for those interested and linked to the network (teacher-researchers, staff, associations).

This profile gives access to certain tools such as the dissemination of information, the sharing of events, etc. Registration to the platform is free and is done through the following address *:

* Each member has control over the confidentiality of their data and can freely share their access with other users of the platform. Each registration is checked to guarantee the quality of the network.


Chloé Combet

Alumni network manager