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Master in Electrical Engineering : Electronics, Free Tools for Instrumentation and Embedded Systems (ELISE)

The ELISE Master program integrates training in electronics, automation, IT, and microtechnology, emphasizing key concepts such as microsystems, instrumentation, and on-board electronics.

Microsystems, including micro-sensors and micro-actuators, contribute to the miniaturization aspect of mechatronics and benefit from a strong regional expertise in microtechnology. Additionally, electronics, especially embedded electronics tailored for portable systems, plays a crucial role in these domains and remains pivotal in 21st-century technology.


The ELISE master’s program takes place over 2 academic years divided into 4 semesters. Each semester corresponds to an accreditation of 30 ECTS, which leads to a total at the end of 120 ECTS.   The program has an extensive international flavor, with all courses taught in English.  The teaching staff are highly qualified researchers with international recognition.

Main research areas:

1 research Laboratory and 4 Research Departments:

3 Main Technological Platforms :

Career paths

The program targets careers such as:

Entry requirements

A degree equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor’s degree with a background knowledge in systems control and Digital Electronics. Courses waivers can be given depending on your former undergraduate program content.

Contact: Sounkalo Dembélé


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