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Master in Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is an EIPHI graduate school Master focusing on Research & Innovation in the network of smart devices containing electronics, software or actuators and able to connect, interact and exchange data over the internet. According to CAGR, the Internet of Things market will reach 560 billion dollars by 2022 and will grow by more than 20% per year. This market is currently $170 billion. From a technical point of view, IoT is at the intersection of network, cloud computing, big data, Artificial Intelligence, mobile development technologies and embedded distributed computing. Many practical applications exist ranging from monitoring wind turbines to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home through autonomous vehicles.

IoT Master contributes to structure a high-level international offer in computer science in North Bourgogne Franche-Comte. By focusing on the Internet of Things, the IoT master program will offer a whole set of courses aimed at training high-level specialists. The program also leaves an important place for complementary courses (management, entrepreneurship…) to prepare students for future careers in either industry or research laboratories.

The IoT master program is strongly supported by the FEMTO-ST Institute and by the CIAD Lab. Students will be immersed in the laboratory environment. The proposed Master’s degree will also benefit from strong relationships with local and national industrial partners, relationships forged over many years.


Master 1
Fall Semester
Master 1
Spring Semester

Blockchain and distributed systems
Mobile development
Infrastructure and routing
for connected objects
Infrastructure Virtualization/cloud computing
Team management
and Communication
English B1 or FLE

Radio networks
Positioning systems:
techniques and applications
Embedded systems
Data Science
English B1 or FLE
Research Project

Master 2
Fall Semester
Master 2
Spring Semester
Choose two of these blocks
Block 1 : Deep learning for IoT
Security for connected objects

Block 2 : Mobility in smart cities
Modular robots programming
and swarm robotics
Block 3 : AgentSystems and Simulations
Artificial Intelligence project

Research Project

An Introduction to Innovation Studies
Research Internship
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Main research areas:

By focusing on the Internet of Things, the IoT master program will offer a whole set of courses aimed at training high-level specialists in the following research areas:

Career paths

Academic or industrial R&D career in Computer Sciences:

Entry requirements

A degree equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor’s degree (3 or 4 years) in IT,  or its equivalent in Mathematics, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology. Courses waivers can be given depending on your former undergraduate program content.


Contacts: Abdallah MAKHOUL