Innovation through Physics and Engineering

Short Course in Optofluidic Sensing Technologies 23rd to 26th of May 2023

Innovative detection techniques and smart solutions for real-world applications

Short Course for Ph.D. Students

Dr. Valentina Bello

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Laboratory of ElectroOptics
Dept. of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
University of Pavia, Italy

The lecture will take place in Amphi Jean-Jacques Gagnepain at FEMTO-ST Temis building

May 23rd Lecture 1
Tuesday : 9h45 to 10 am Introduction by Pr Laurent Larger, Director of the FEMTO-ST Institute
Tuesday : 10 to 12 am Microcapillary refractive index sensor based on readout of transmitted and reflected optical spectra in the near infrared region
May 24th Lecture 2
Wednesday : 10 to 12 am Spectral phase interferometry: an innovative technique to detect the resonances of microresonator and its application to refractive index sensing
May 25th Lecture 3
Thursday : 10 to 12 am Optofluidic sensing platforms for identification of fluids on the basis of their absorption properties in the near infrared region
May 26th Lecture 4
Friday : 10 to 12 am Towards an industrial real-word application: a user-friendly refractive index sensor based on laser beam displacement for artificial nutrition monitoring