CELSIUS is a research project that aims at achieving an ultra-stable tunable Fabry-Perot cavity for the ytterbium ultra-stable superradiant oscillator and therefore plays a key role in the long-term consolidation of French excellence in the field of time-frequency metrology. It is based on the exploitation of a quantum phenomenon, the superradiance, still barely used by atomic clocks and which is based more particularly on the coherence and indistinguishability of an ensemble of atoms to enhance coherent optical radiation.

This project will make it possible in the medium term to obtain superradiant light pulses having a relative frequency stability of the order of 10-16 at one second.

In the longer term, we plan to focus on the continuous operation of the system, in order to obtain an operational device useful for time and frequency metrology. In this situation, the fractional frequency stability will be improved and could be brought closer to the ultimate theoretical limit of 10-18 at one second. 

CELSIUS is part of the EUR EIPHI, which promotes innovation in BFC, and the Labex First-TF, network of excellence around Time-Frequency metrology. This project also benefits from the facilities of the Equipex Oscillator-IMP.

This project is held by FEMTO-ST (M Delehaye marion.delehaye@ubfc.fr) and is supported by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and the National Research Agency (ANR):

One Ph.D student has been recruited for this project.

One Post-Doc position is open for this project. To apply please contact directly by email M Delehaye.