Quantum technologies are at the heart of many applications such as computers (transistors), high-speed communications (laser), geolocation (atomic clock) or medical imaging (MRI), which was the first quantum revolution. A new major challenge is now to control individual quantum objects and their correlations, opening up a huge field of applications that is sometimes called the second quantum revolution (quantum cryptography, quantum computer, etc.).

One of the main challenges concerns the preservation and manipulation of quantum effects. The objective of the TQ-BFC research project is to study different aspects of the generation, manipulation and control of quantum effects. This program is at the center of EIPHI’s demands in terms of multidisciplinarity and openness to the international.

It brings together the nano-photonics and quantum engineering activities of the IMB, the FEMTO-ST Institute and the ICB, on aspects of modeling, manufacturing, characterization and application. It is also directed to EIPHI training programs, from master to doctorate.

Research activities revolve around three themes:

PART 1 : Quantum control and effect of the tennis racket,

PART 2 : Sources of ultra-compact single photons with directive emission,

PART 3 : Quantum imaging for future quantum information protocols.

This third part of the project is held by FEMTO-ST (T. Grosjean thierry.grosjean@ubfc.fr), and is supported by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and the National Research Agency (ANR) :

One Post-Doc position is open for this third part of the project. To apply please contact directly by email Thierry Grosjean.