Medium-infrared fiber optics is a very active research area motivated by a wide range of applications, including optical sensors and biomedical imaging. The SPUTNIC project aims to develop two axes in this area.

  1. The first axe includes mode self-cleaning for the propagation of high power optical pulses and the study of ultrafast space-time dynamics in a fiber guide.
  2. The second axe aims at developing the devices based on optical frequency combs for the detection of volatile organic compounds by non-invasive methods allowing an in situ and real-time diagnosis of contemporary pathologies, notably cancerous.

This project is held by ICB (G. Millot P. Grelu, and is supported by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, the National Research Agency (ANR) and the European Union:

One Ph.D student and one Post-Doc have been recruited for this project.