TACTICQ has approached the question of quantum computing in a multidisciplinary way, both in theoretical and experimental aspects. The axes of the projects are integrated on the lines of force present and very specific to UBFC: The mathematical study of entanglement by algebraic geometry tools, quantum control from the physical, mathematical, numerical and machine learning point of view, or yet the frequency photonics platform dedicated to quantum information are three unparalleled approaches to quantum computing or competing teams at the national level. By focusing these three themes on a more in-depth study around quantum computing and control, the group is bringing out a new theme at the regional level that responds with specific approaches to central questions in the national strategic plan on quantum technologies.

This project is held by ICB, FEMTO-ST, IMB, LMB and UTINAM and is supported by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and the National Research Agency (ANR):

Two Ph.D and two Post-Doctorate positions are opened for this project. To apply please contact directly by email the person in the job files below :

Ph.D Positions :

IMB bifurcations in the setting of random dynamical systems

ICB Measuring Quantum entanglement and quantum contextuality with a Noisy Intermediate Quantum Computer

Post-Doctorate Positions (Not yet Open):

IMB Dynamics of groups in a complex setting

LmB Spectral analysis of periodic massless Dirac operators