The HELIX project aims to study the properties of light when it is so-called structured in order to optimise its interaction with matter or even to access dynamics not permitted by the use of a conventional laser beam. In particular, it is possible to sculpt light so that it no longer propagates in a straight line but follows a helix-shaped trajectory. This is known as a vortex beam with an orbital angular momentum. The project will be dedicated to exploring, in a transverse manner, the numerous possibilities offered by this particular type of wave, especially when it interacts with matter, in all its forms, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, or in plasma form. In particular, the targeted applications range from the creation of quantum memory to the laser machining of materials. At the fundamental level, the study of the propagation of these beams, when they are intense, will provide a better understanding of physical phenomena that go beyond the simple framework of optics, such as the appearance of extreme phenomena (scelerate waves) in hydrodynamics.

This project is held by ICB, FEMTO-ST and IMB and is supported by the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region and the National Research Agency (ANR):

One Ph.D and one Post-Doctorate positions are opened for this project. To apply please contact directly by email the person in the job files below :

Ph.D Position :

ICB Helical lasers and applications

Post-Doctorate Position will open in september 2022 :

FEMTO-ST ultrafast laser generated nanoplasmas