The project THEIA aims to provide new photonic building blocks for AI, biomedical diagnosis, or free space telecommunication systems. Multi-scale LiNbO3 photonic systems are at the heart of the project, and the objectives are to develop multi-channel photonic waveguides and interconnects. The project lifts the barriers of ultra-dense photonic integration with the advent of active circuits implementing more than 100 channels per μm2.

By proposing new generic integration technologies based on the resources of the MIMENTO technology center, the thesis paves the way towards ultra-dense 3D photonic systems while also addressing crucial challenges in free-space optical telecommunications and biomedical diagnosis.
Three industrial partners are committed to the project.


  • Technological developments of LiNbO3 nanoguides and
    multichannel waveguides
  • Modelization and testing

One Ph.D positions is opened for this project. To apply please contact directly by email the person in the job file

Credit: Second Bay Studios/Harvard SEAS