ISITE-BFC Industry Project « SARCoS »

Secure and reliable connected systems using automated domain-specific modelbased testing and machine learning

Coordinator: Bruno LEGEARD, UFC/FEMTO-ST

Internet of Things, connected cars, intelligent parking systems, secured timing, connected cyberphysical systems and air traffic control systems: these all rely more and more on software for flexibility and service delivery. But these complex connected systems face significant challenges regarding security and reliability, and their increasing complexity means that the detection and remediation of business-logic vulnerabilities requires highly-skilled R&D techniques and people.

The SARCoS project aims to develop cutting-edge cognitive and automated techniques and tools for security and robustness testing at a business-logic level that will strongly impact how the industry will reduce the vulnerabilities of such complex and ever more connected systems.

The SARCoS project directly involves four industry partners in four distinct application domains:

  • Intelligent parking systems with Flowbird (former Parkeon),
  • Internet of Things with Easy Global Market,
  • Air traffic management systems with Smartesting
  • Secure timing with Gorgy Timing