MecHanical objEcts in the era of 4D pRinting and programmable Matter for nExt-generation of CAD systems

Frédéric DEMOLY, UTBM/ICB – Collab. Le2i.

An innovative trend promoted by the unique apabilities of additive manufacturing techniques is about the “4D Printing” concept. It is actually the rocess by which assemblies and parts embodying smart materials are printed, they are therefore able o react to changes in their environment. As a new way of thinking and manufacturing method, few is nown about how to systematically bring such smart products ideas into reality.

The HERMES research roject aims at introducing a general framework for designing 4D printed solutions. It delineates the research effort to be made so that designers are sufficiently empowered to design such smart roducts.The ultimate goal of HERMES is to extend current CAD systems capabilities to fully embrace D printing opportunities and the increase of reasoning capacities embedded in systems and matter.