Axis 3 – Active and Agile Compact Systems:

Best Presentation Award at ISIF Symposium 2017


There is a strong research effort within EIPHI on depositing and micro-nano-structuring single-crystal functional thin films on various substrates. As a matter of fact, this challenge is of high interest for the photonic and electro-acoustic industry (next-generation nanophotonic circuits and nonlinear components, radio-frequency filters for 5G and IoT, acoustic micro-sensors…), as well as for energy harvesting in automotive piezoelectric microsystems. This effort is also spread out in the frame of vivid international collaborations, leading to student exchanges and jointly supervised theses between EIPHI and several companies and universities worldwide.

In this frame, Sabina Kuprenaite, an EIPHI doctorate student coming from Vilnius University, was awarded a Best Presentation Award at the 6th International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities in New Delhi, India, with her presentation “Epitaxial lift-off and 3D structuring of Rutile TiO2 films”. This particular work is being developed with Prof. Eric Mazur’s Group at Harvard University, with the aim to harness a novel technological integration platform based upon titanium oxide. Rutile TiO2 is indeed currently considered as a promising nonlinear nanophotonic material, for applications like telecommunications and quantum information, due to its large transparency and technological processing capabilities enabling deep light confinement at the sub-micron scale.