Innovation through Physics and Engineering


EIPHI Research Project : CALYPSO

Metal 3D printing by cold spray for additive manufacturing

EIPHI Research Project: DECOLAIR

Adaptive architectures, advanced materials and processes

John Dudley awarded by the international Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE)

He obtains the "SPIE Harold E. Edgerton" Award 2019 for pioneering applications based on ultra-short light pulses in optical fibers.

Jean-Antoine Seon : awarded with the 2nd national PHD prize in robotics

Jean Antoine was distinguished on November 22th at the CNRS headquarters for his pioneer international work on a micro robotic dextral hand.

Best Presentation Award at ISIF Symposium 2017

There is a strong research effort within EIPHI on depositing and micro-nano-structuring single-crystal functional thin films on various substrates.

Where are we with frequency-comb generation?

Whispering-gallery mode optical resonators are devices made from transparent glass- or crystalline disks, spheres or rings of typically mm- to 50-µm-diameters.

Coupling Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy: a large-scale European project

Europe is deeply committed in the course for renewable energies and the quest for an ideal green energy mix.

Optical hardware neural networks chasing for the performance of human brain

Neuromorphic computing, whose principles are inspired by the human brain, is a revolutionary analog paradigm for artificial intelligence...

Spinoff creation and national Thesis Prize for an EIPHI PhD

Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) is being widely applied in many industrial systems to ensure high reliability, safety and availability over their life cycle, and reduce...