Innovation through Physics and Engineering


Energy-saving data collection in wireless sensor networks

The use of wireless sensor networks is attracting much attention worldwide in a multitude of domains like environment, industry, medicine...

Acoustic metamaterials: toward a perfect sound attenuation

A major interest of metamaterials lies in their exotic possibilities of manipulating waves by only playing with peculiar geometries...

Real-time tracking of a single cell in a lab-on-a-chip

There is huge interest in biology for microdevices that can analyse very small biological samples by combining microfluidic technology with...

Metamaterial with a twist

As for other types of so-called “metamaterials” (photonic, acoustical, sismic…), which are objects periodically structured at a sub-wavelength scale, there is a fair amount of hype

ISITE-BFC Open research project « MYAV »

ISITE-BFC Open research project focused of motivic invariants of algebraic varieties

Student entrepreneurship

PEPITE BFC has organised 2 events dedicated to Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship for students

Hermes Project

MecHanical objEcts in the era of 4D pRinting and programmable Matter for nExt-generation of CAD systems

SACRCoS, ISITE-BFC joint industry project

Sacros, an ISITE-BFC joint Industry project involving 4 companies (Flowbird, Gorgy, Easy GM, Smarttesting) in order to develop secure and reliable connected systems

UBFC senior fellowships

2 UBFC professors have been granted with a Senior Fellowship from the ISITE-BFC program for their high-risky research project and ambitious education program